Are You Tired Of Not Closing?

Are you sick of hearing objections like...
I have to talk to my business partner.
I need to think about it.
Your price is higher than another quote I received.
It's too expensive.

We’ve all heard them over and over again, but why do you keep hearing the same dozen “objections”? 

Here's The Truth

What they're really saying is...
I want out of this sales pitch.
I've already thought about it and I'm not buying.
You haven't shown me a good enough reason why I should buy from you.
I don't see the value.

The truth is they don’t trust you. The soft sale got you in the door, the hard close got you kicked out. 

"Mike Todd had his audience captured from the very beginning! He taught us how to use his technique...so that we can turn our challenges around and overcome them. He taught me how to think about my problems in a whole new way."

Marcia Berry – Berry Nutritional Coaching

About Mike Todd

Mike Todd is a successful entrepreneur,  Mental Toughness Coach,  sales aficionado, and most importantly, a husband and a father. 

At just 12 years old he started reading self development books, listening to motivational speakers, and studying success.  By 13, he started his first lawn care business in his neighborhood and soon found himself with more business than a soon to be high school student could handle. 

Though the first business was a success, not every endeavor has been. Mike has had to work through highs and lows, successes and failures for well over a decade before grasping the winning formula and becoming a 4x business owner and a mentor to several dozen successful business owners and operators. The years of ups and downs were used as years of study, self reflection, recalibration, and re-execution. Studying successful people and mirroring their actions, Mike learned to develop a thick skin, open mind, and a no BS attitude towards achieving success. Whether it be in a sales pitch, a high school hallway, a fortune 500 company, or even as a solo entrepreneur. 

Mike will capture your audience with his engaging stories,  spark laughter with his sarcasm, educate through his powerful method, and no doubt inspire action in your crowd.

Most Requested Keynotes

Sales Is about Personality
Closing is about Mentality

For the past 10 years, Mike has worked with sales people helping them to truly identify the “WHY” behind the “YES” and how to create more ‘YESES’. Mike teaches his audiences how selling from the ‘Inside Out’ is the most important trait, lost amongst the plethora of ‘guru’ tactics being sold on the market today. Coming back to authenticity, to value, to truly understanding the need of the client in order to increase revenues, increase retention, and decrease lost ROI in the marketing pool. Learn how to answer the age old questions: Who is your ideal client, where do they exist, what do they want, how do they want their solution delivered, and WHY do they want to say yes to you. 

Success isn't an accident.
It's a Formula

When a problem comes up in your work or personal life, do you find yourself doing everything possible to avoid it?  Do you push through the problem just to find it popping up again down the road? What if you had a practical and actionable process that can be used each and every time this “fork” appears in you road? 

Mike’s “3 S Formula – Symptom, Source, Solution” was designed to help with just that. In this talk, Mike takes the audience through his journey of troubled youth, his 25+ years of entrepreneurial experience, and all the ups and downs in between to show the audience how implementing this very simple, yet powerful, formula is the missing link to boundless success.  As an anecdote for all ages, professions, and walks of life, Mike’s ‘3 S Formula’ talk for achieving success and overcoming setbacks is a tool you and your audience will use for the rest of your life. 

Powerful Minds Produce Powerful Results

1 out of every 4 students are bullied in school, including college, according to pacer.org. 3 out of 4 employees are bullied in the workplace according to a Forbes study. It’s no surprise that most Americans today go through some form of bullying throughout their lives. From the sandbox as a child to the nursing home as an elder, bullies exists everywhere. And from parents to siblings, coworkers to friends, the bully can be anyone too.  

In this talk, Mike shares his life threatening bullying experience at the age of just 11 along with the life changing, empowering lessons he learned from it. From victim to victor, 20 years later Mike has continued to champion the concept that even though bullying  can never be eradicated, it can be neutralized through the transfer of power. He takes the audience through his life changing experiences in this emotionally inspiring talk to show them how to eliminate victim-hood and achieve great success. 

Client Testimonials

"The message that he gave us was so strong, that I started thinking how I could use that with my clients in my practice. His 3 'S' message of Symptom, Source, Solution is so very powerful!"
- Renee R
EQ Resiliency Career Coach
"I enjoyed his style and his story is riveting!"
- Robyn H
Founder of SpeakEtc.
"What a story! The way that he's able to take his experience, his story, and turn it around to make it [into] a powerful, expressive way that we can all take our challenges...and turn them into championships."
- Tami E
Founder of Up - GrowPlayBelong
"He taught me how to think about my problems in a while new way!"
- Marcia B
Berry Nutritional Coaching